Top services


  • • Web copy
  • • Automated email sequences
  • • Landing page content
  • • Ad copy
  • • Case study
  • • Sales letter
  • • Business cards
  • • Cold emails
  • • E-book and lead magnet
  • • Product or service description
  • • White paper
  • • Press release
  • • Information brochures

What do you charge?

My charges vary according to the type of copy task. However, you can expect to pay between $100 to $500 for a top-notch copy. It also varies if it's a Facebook ad or a Google ad (I generally consider the value the copy will add to you business)

Blog content package

I will help you create a blog post that educates your audience. It will strengthen your relationship with your audience.
All blogposts will be:

  • In-depth researched
  • Talk to your audience's audience
  • Have a title that captures the reader’s attention
  • Well structured
  • The right flow of ideas
  • Readable
  • Has a HD photo that’s related to the content
What do you charge?

What I charge to write a blog post varies. However, I charge between $70 and $100 for a blog post.
I charge less for a blog post with a byline. I know some writers who charge more than this, but it doesn't matter. What matters is if someone can give the best in what they do.
If you check the content quality, it's all the same or even better

Why you need to order now

1. Your business needs a writer who has it’s big picture and who has the expertise to ensure your get there. I can begin your project right away.

2. I work with a few clients to ensure I give them the best ROI.

You need to begin getting leads and conversions in your Shopify store, and earn passive income from it.

3. Your blog needs to begin getting the traffic juice many bloggers aspire.
Don’t delay!

William, how will you ensure it’s a winning copy?

I will follow a proven copywriting strategy used by top copywriters to make people purchase their products.
This strategy has never failed copywriters.
Supposed we’re to begin now. Here is the perfect approach

Step one

I will get inputs from you about your business. You will send the URL and explain to me a little bit about your business. I will then visit your site and know your goals, mission, and vision.

Step two

I will create a simple persona about your target market.
Who are you targeting?
What’s their age?
What interest them most?
Where do most of them come from?
What’s their occupation?
I will put this information in an illustration called a buyer’s persona.

Step three

I will perform a research about the phrases that your target persona inputs when searching for information to solve their challenges.
Supposed you have these keywords, and you know how to create superb content that clearly solve their problem.
Is it going to be a daunting task?

Step four

I will then create content based on the phrases I already have. I will ensure content is well optimized for search by including the keywords in the content.
When It’s a copy, I will use my strategy to ensure it’s a winning one.

Step five

I will proofread the copy and ensure it meets the needs of your audience.
Once it’s okay, I will either send it to you or post it to your site.
I will then switch off my laptop, go for coffee in a nearby cafe and meet a friend whom we always meet for coffee as we discuss copywriting-It has become our lifestyle.

How about if you do this right now:
1. Have a target audience in place, either an email list of highly converting prospects or even a highly targeted niche blog.
2. Create an offer for them; must be a valuable product or service.

“Remember it’s not about the numbers. Focus on making a big impact on a small but relevant group of people.
Became invaluable for them and watch what happens”

– Mike Stelzner, Founder, Social Media Examiner.

3. Contact me to help you create a sales letter that turns cold or warm leads into sales. I’ll also create an email that will act as a bait.
4. Promote the offer to them.

It goes undisputed. You can make lots of money by having a polished copy.