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5 Tips for creating a highly-converting landing page

For a successful online marketing campaign, you need a compelling landing page. Not only does it acts as a bait to woo your visitors but also essential in converting leads to sales.

However, most marketers running PPC campaigns make a mistake of using their homepage as a landing page. The key is having one tailored to different offers you’re promoting. A landing page with a targeted message will converts much more than a website homepage, or any other webpage with mere text about your services.

Here is how to create an effectual landing page:

1. Keep your objectives simple and clear

You don’t have to include all the information. Include only the most relevant information. What do you want your visitors to do? What’s your offer? How will your offer benefit them?

A page with fluff words will more likely get less conversion because most readers have less concentration span. Take note that people will only skim through your page, and if they find something that addresses their pain points, you’ve their attention, trust, and revenue.

The best landing page keeps to simple and clear objectives, avoiding any unnecessary information.

2. Make the headline compelling

What’s the importance of writing a superb landing page with a weak headline? If your headline doesn’t arrest the reader’s attention and make them read the next line in the content, making sales becomes a tussle.

I know you’re asking, how can I create a compelling headline?


  • Ensure the headline creates curiosity: Make your reader become curious and want to know more about what you’re offering.
  • Let the headline emphasize benefits: Ensure the headline has a sense of importance to the reader. If you want them to read the next line, make the headline beneficial to them.
  • Let the headline contain an instant gratification: Gratification is promising your readers something after reading the content. You can promise them that they can get an increase in traffic, leads, or conversions after reading your copy.

Following the steps above, you can create a compelling headline and use it to flag down your prospects down the funnel.

3. Use color to your advantage

Your landing page should not be dull. Neither should it contain numerous colors. The key is to make it visually attractive and inspiring to the reader to take action.

There’re colors that most marketers use such as green color, deeming they perform best. However, ensure the background color is contrasting with your CTA button color.

It can be a nerve-wracking task if you’re green in design. However, browsing through Fiverr, you can find a specialist in web design. Contact the person right there.

4. Have a clear CTA message

The most powerful message in your landing page should be your CTA button. It should not only be clear but should also tell your prospect what to do – don’t leave your readers hanging with no direction.

Another important thing is the position of your CTA button. You can decide to put it at the bottom, in the middle, or both. Make it clickable and clear within the content.

Avoid a CTA button that says ‘click here.’ Instead, you can use ‘order now’ or a more compelling CTA message.

5. Ensure it has a flawless design

Would you want to lose prospects because your landing page has a poor design? No! You will be leaving lots of money on the table. Have a responsive and a fast loading page, not one that is as slow as molasses in January.

Your landing page should be mobile friendly because it takes 30% of all web activity. Optimize your page for mobile devices.

And with that, you’ll have a highly-converting landing page.


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