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Do you own a fishing blog, intents to sell aquariums, or generally like to share your ocean experiences on your blog and want content that will drive 10x more organic leads and sales for your business? 

Your search is over!


Creating content that talk, walk, and sell your aquatic life or fishing ideas.

Writing content for a particular audience will require extensive knowledge on the niche. Compelling blog content will encourage your readers to click on those golden links and get more sales. What I do is leverage my vast SEO and content marketing expertise to create content that will inform, educate, and inspire your readers to take action.

Whether you own an online fishing equipment site (targeting aquarium owners), a swimming blog, or are passionate about the aquatic life, I will help you come up with a winning content plan.

Here are some topics I have extensive knowledge in…

1. Setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquarium
2. Choosing the right fish for your aquarium
3. The benefits of adding live plants to your aquarium
4. The basics of fish nutrition and feeding
5. The importance of water quality in aquariums
6. Breeding fish in captivity
7. Understanding the nitrogen cycle in aquariums
8. Types of filtration systems for aquariums
9. Tips for keeping a saltwater aquarium
10. How to create a natural-looking aquascape in your aquarium
11. Comparing different types of fishing equipment and their uses.

These are only some of the topics I can create epic content on. Different blogs have varied marketing goals at the end of the day. That means I will need to come up with a custom content plan for your blog based on the services you offer.



William (Hey Will)

William (Hey Will)

Thank you for visiting my site. You can call me William or simply Will. I’m an a full-time freelance writer focused on fishing, aquariums, and ocean life, and a father. I know a lot about this niche since I have been researching and writing about it for the past two years. Whenever I’m not writing, I like to sip a steaming mug of coffee while standing by the window of my apartment. I could either be gazing into space or looking down at the little street that snakes its way round a hill. Consider me as your go-to guy when it comes to creating content, SEO, and other digital marketing techniques. I offer FREE consultations on content marketing techniques. I run a blog and own an e-commerce site, as well. That means I may turn out to be the writer, friend, and business partner you have wanted all along in your business.

Climb the Google ladder, attract more organic leads, and grow your business!

I not only help you create blog content, but also SMM posts, emails for your email list, web content, and more.

1. Blog posts

Create quality SEO content

You will need to balance between attracting search engines traffic and creating quality content that your audience will love.

2. email content

Turn those cold leads into loyal customers

Are you building an email list? Let me help you come up with a compelling lead-nurturing email sequence to nurture those leads 

3. monthly smm content

Don't ignore the FREE social media traffic

Let me help you come up with monthly short SMM content for your business that will engage and attract social leads. 

4. web content

Your website is the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts

Did you just created a website and looking to add compelling content? I can help you plan and write SEO web content for your site.

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