Here is my story

Hey there!
Thanks for scrolling by. I want to help you sell water near the river. But first, let’s get to know each other.
I’m William; a top copywriter specialized in digital marketing, a content strategy specialist, a blogger, a public speaker, a leader, and a guy who has the success of your copy in mind.
Reading is my hobby. I’m also fond of cycling and skating in the evening whenever I don’t have a lot on my plate.

The art of selling began in my early years
As a teenager, I was fond of reading books. I remember reading Rich Dad Poor Dad when I was 14 years.
Reading books about business made me begin a real business in the same year (I sold vegetables to our neighbors).
Running a business in the early years made me learn the art of selling; how to attract, engage, nurture, invite, and convert leads to sales (sales funnel steps).
Coupled with my reading habit, I also liked transforming my thoughts into words. I began as a blogger in 2012; two years later, I knew I needed to establish a career from my top skills – writing and selling.
Extensive learning shaped my copywriting career
My first degree was in Business and a bit of IT at the university (I was a student leader here). Studying the course endowed me with a sharp knowledge of how businesses operate.
The Content Marketing Institute was also a great site since graduating from their courses helped a great deal. In there, I developed significant expertise on the dynamic scope of content marketing – also, how to write top-notch content that gets lots of views, reads, and shares.
A digital marketing agency hired me to write for their clients. In there, I garnered experience creating content strategies for businesses.
I learned the passion that small businesses have when starting, but most importantly, I learned to create content that helped them grow drastically over the years to big brands.
I can help you sell water near the river
Marketing is like selling water near the river.
The ability to convince someone who needs water to buy from you instead of fetching it lies on the use of these words: You, because, free, instantly, guaranteed, secret, risk-free, easy, don’t miss, up for grabs, and much more.
Hey, did you realized I just shared with you some of the copywriting secrets - the words above?
I know you’re tired of flaky copywriters. Stop doing what you’ve always been doing to get what you have not been getting.
Imagine having a dedicated copywriter who:
  • Has the right skills, experience, and fire in his belly to work on all your copy and blog posts needs
  • Goes an extra mile, doesn’t just write… He speaks to your audience and gets them to make you moneyed
  • Doesn’t outsource your work to in-house writers but writes it himself
  • Writes a pithy, tight, and highly-converting sales letter
  • Crafts in-depth researched blog posts that top for their selected keywords
  • Gives the vision you have for your business a voice

It’s a crowded world out there. Come in and let me help you stand out from your competitors.

It’s your turn
Now that you’ve known who I’m, tell me something about you: Your business, your target market, and the challenges facing your business.