Discover how to sell anyting, to anyone, at any time.

Do you know why,

  • Your business is not making the maximum number of sales?
  • Your copy is getting leads but zero conversions?
  • Have you asked yourself why your blog is getting less or zero traffic?
  • What about your Shopify niche store, are you about to throw in the towel because of zero sales?
This happens because you have not yet known the art of selling.
If you can understand it, it can bring the whole difference.
to put it simply,
you are in the game, but not in the competition.
  • You hire flaky copywriters who are there for the money and not the success of your business
  • You don’t take time to understand the pain points of your audience and hence write a copy that touches on them
  • You don’t have a buyer’s persona for your business
  • You provide less valuable content to your blog readers
  • You don’t take time to hire an SEO expert to create a winning content strategy for your business
  • You niche store doesn’t contain compelling products descriptions

But now,

it’s time to do it differently.

You know why…?
Because you’re leaving lots of money on the table.
Imagine if you can have the following:
  • A copy that has a conversion rate of 10% and above
  • A niche store that makes over $10000 in monthly revenue
  • A blog posts that generates lots of clicks, reads, and shares
  • An email campaign that gives forth lots of sales to you
I want you to know that it can happen to you. And I will help you make it happen.
While a good copy makes you look smart, an excellent copy is supposed to make your customer feel smart.

The art of selling
Copywriters will not like it when I reveal their top guided secrets, which they use to make lots of sales.
However, it would be great for you. I know you would like a high-flying business.
Wouldn’t you?
Come on; then, you need to leverage this strategy to make a kill in business.
Why do you think people buy your services?

Copywriting is all about writing words that walk, talk, and sell.
Have you ever considered why people buy your products or services?
Let’s begin with you.
I know, perhaps, you have a car, if not a car, you have the latest iPhone.
Regardless of which one you have, why did you bought it?
Probably, you wanted a car that could make you feel noticed when you go out with your friends.
You want one classy car that creates havoc in a place when you arrive.
You wanted a state of art car that has the latest navigation equipment’s, one that enables you to do many things at a go.
Plus, a car that zooms right past traffic.

1. A copywriter knows the secret

An award-winning copywriter knows this secret.
They know that you buy because of emotions controlled by logic.
If they want to sell anything to anyone at any time, they can do so.
A normal salesperson will tell you: "This car is fast, it has a cool interior, it’s fuel efficient..."
Yes, he/she is doing it fine by explaining to you the features of the car.
However, you’re left to complete the statements (the benefits) yourself in your mind:
“If the car is fast, I won’t be late for an appointment..." "If its interior is cool, I will be able to enjoy the ride to my elegant home..."
"“Supposed I showed up in the annual general meeting with this… I will definitely create havoc in there…”

2. A copywriter manipulates your emotions

A copywriter will follow my five-step formula here.
He will have already known your age, your interests, and the type of car you will love.
The, he will then sell you the emotions… The desire to have the care.
“You see, once you have this car, you can zoom past traffic in two shakes of a lamb’s tail…
why don’t you get inside the car and feel the interior, that’s how it will feel when you drive to a distant place - cozy…”
Now, tell me,
have you bought the car or the desire to feel important whenever you arrive at a place, the fear of being caught up in traffic? Remember, this applies to anything you buy.


I will use the same technique when writing your copy.
Imagine the sales, the leads, the conversions, and the connections it will bring forth.

Here are a few people who use this technique daily

Neil Patel of neilpatel.com knew that his readers need traffic to their blogs; he leverages on that pain point and gave it to them. You can check his site and learn some of the things I said here.
Brian Dean of backlinko.com is a backlinking guru, who constantly gives tips on blog linking and how to drive traffic to a blog.
Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com lavage on the need to earn a passive income online
Carol Tice of makealivingwriting.com knew that writers needed to make a living writing, she founded the writer’s den (I’m a member of the den)
Steve Roller founded the writer’s cafe to coach copywriters. You can notice the copywriting techniques I gave here in every post on his Facebook group.
The content marketing Institute knew that readers wanted the right content marketing techniques. They gave it to them (I’m a graduate here).
What does your target market want? Have you given it to them?

Tested! Proved! And works!

Yes, I want a copy from you!
My aims for you
  • To increase leads and conversions for your copy
  • To position your brand on top of your niche
  • To boost traffic to your blog
  • To strengthen your customer relations
  • To ensure you make a steady income from your niche store
Why me
  • I work with three to four clients at a time
  • I have the required skills and knowledge
  • I have a big picture in mind for your brand and a winning strategy to get you there
  • I’m more than a writer: I’m a partner, a friend, and a brother
  • I place myself in your reader’s shoes and know their pain points
  • I’m always there for you whenever you need me.