My services


    Want a copy that literally turns your prospects into buyers?
    I’ll craft a winning landing page content, sales letter, product or service description, ad copy, press release, and white paper.
    I will ensure a copy talks, walks, and sells for you.


    71% of consumers buy from brands they follow on social. Does your company have a social media presence?
    I can create short, coincise monthly SMM posts for your company to drive leads and conversions


    Your prospects will need learning first before they buy.
    They will need education rather than being pitched.
    Get blog posts that add value to their lives.

How I’ll help you build an amazing brand
Step 1: Getting inputs and target market

You will send me the inputs of your business such as a URL.
I’ll take time to understand your business purpose and goals.
I’ll take time to understand your target market: their age, interests, behavior, and many other things.

Step 2: Creation of buyer’s persona

A buyer’s persona is a representation of your ideal target audience.
I’ll create several if you target more than one audience.
I will give such persona a name such as William and write their age, interest, and behavior against it.
I’ve used this approach in creating e-mail campaigns and got tremendous results.

Step 3: Research and ideation

Now that I know what your audience’s interest are, I’ll use tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush to research for phrases (keywords) that they input while searching for solutions to their challenges.
I’ll then develop topics and keywords to use in those topics.
I’ll have a winning content plan for your business.

Step 4: Content creation

Based on the topics I have and the target keywords, I’ll craft superb content that takes with it the spirit of your brand.
I’ll ensure content is well-researched, backed with evidence, properly-structured, unique, and off course, talks your reader into taking action.

Step 5: Submission and posting

Once I have the content that your blog or website needs, I’ll take time to check if we achieved the required content goal before sending it to you.
I can also post to your WordPress blog or your social media accounts.


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My aims for you

1. To increase leads and conversions

Launched a new product or service?
I will help you get sales-lots of sales, by crafting a sales copy that makes your prospects buy whatever you’re selling.

2. To grow your blog

Do you have a blog?
Your blog can become a thought leader in its niche by writing authentic and educative blog content.

3. Create great relationships

Since POLISHED content creates relationships, I will help you create content that tailor to develop trust with your readers.
It’s that trust that drives revenue for your business.

4. Build an amazing brand

Your business is your brand. You need to ensure your content carries with it the spirit of your brand.
I will help you create content that carries your goals, purpose, mission, and vision.

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