Are you STRUGGLING TO CREATE CONSISTENT CONTENT FOR YOUR BLOG OR SIMPLY Want to boost returns from your content marketing efforts?

My seamless content marketing approach will help you save so much time and get 3X more POSITIVE RESULTS in less than 90 Days ​

Let’s create content that talk, walk, and sell your products and services fast and with ease!

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    #Reminder: This is ONLY for someone really serious about improving the results of their content marketing efforts and make the process simple and effective… It isn’t for someone wanting to cut through the red tape and make quick results.

    Let’s begin from here… What do you want?

    Yes, forget about the content creation part, SEO, traffic, SERP, organic marketing, and all those other aspects because they won’t matter until you get ‘this’ right.

    What do you really want from all these?

    …Taken some time to think through?

    Well, we will begin from there when we work together. You NEED it!

    I get it that you want some sense of traction in your blog but don’t seem to go anywhere… you want income from your affiliate site but have it all over the place and don’t really have a profitable plan in place.

    What if you had a seamless process, a technique, a small tweak (such as changing your headlines and sub-headings) in your content marketing that can bring all the results you wanted?

    Would you not say yes to that?

    With an ultra-specific content marketing goal, you can easily create a Defined process on how you can achieve that goal faster!

    Have a forest-for-the-trees approach to content marketing!

    Do you have a goal for that piece of content you are planning to write? Is that goal poised towards the attainment of your ultimate business goals? How long is it taking you to achieve those goals? Do you want to make the process shorter and get 3x more results?

    The fact is…

    You need to make money from your content. Forget about what ‘experts’ say – don’t focus on the money. I agree with them, but an online business is only effective if it is making returns, right?

    So, your main goal as a business owner is to make your online business effective!

    This is what I think you are not doing to achieve that goal;

    • You are not creating more content every month – Consistency!
    • You are creating low-quality content that gives forth POOR results
    • You are not studying your competitors and learning from them
    • You haven’t identified content gaps and filled them
    • You are not researching and testing SEO techniques
    • You are not applying conversational selling to any piece of content your create
    • You are not tweaking those H1s and H2s and optimize them for better results

    Believe me; you just need a winning content marketing plan that can give you the results you want

    That, I can give it to you!   

    “I can come up with content ideas that you may not be seeing right now, create a 360 DAYS content plan that can bring forth consistency in content creation, UNEARTH ways to reach your customers much more effectively and fast, create content that can cut through the noise and get you sales, and help you live the life you wanted.”

    To beat thousands of competitors in your niche, let’s go with a forest-for-the-trees approach because it always works!

    Let’s work on getting those results for your content

    Content that talks to your customers!

    Different from brick-and-mortar businesses, you can’t talk to your online customers, right?

    WRONG…! I mean you physically can’t, but content wise…  

    Your content is the first thing customers come into contact with when searching for solutions online. Thus, don’t you think you need to create unique content that talk, walk, and sells your offers just like in a physical business?    

    Who is this meant for?

    This is for you if:

    • You want more results from your content marketing efforts
    • You want a seamless content creation and execution process that can enable you attain your life goals fast and with ease
    • You want to save time and create more comprehensive content that your audience will like and purchase your affiliate offers.
    • You are looking for a content marketer and writer who can handle all your business content marketing processes and help you make more money from your blog
    • You want to identify content gaps and work on filling them hence attracting more leads

    This is not for you if…

    • You haven’t really decided what you want from your online business/ blog.
    • You don’t want a seamless effective content marketing process and choose to have everything all over the place
    • You are not ready to make money from your blog and hence not committed to it
    • You don’t want results from your content marketing efforts


    “Hi there!

    My name is William (you can call me Will).

    After working for several years with more than 100 niche affiliate bloggers and digital firms, I realized they all want one thing from their content marketing efforts – positive ROI.

    But some don’t really have the time to plan out everything for a month or a year to bring forth consistency, lack a seamless process that can help them attain their goals, and have everything all over the place.

    They can also be leaving behind essential techniques such as content optimization (headlines, low readability, formatting techniques) and on-page SEO unchecked.

    What I do is identify all these critical aspects of your content, create new fresh content ideas, and simply fashion all your content marketing efforts into the attainment of your overall life’s goal (there are a lot of processes here).    

    Think about it…

    The moment prospects come into contact with your content, they begin to create a unique profile in their head about what you and what your business is selling. Thus, content marketing is the basics to any other form of marketing. You need to not only know what to say to them, but also how to say it and when to say.

    My aim for you is to smoothen the current curve and create consistency in leads, sales, and bring forth growth in your business and your life.  

    These are some of the brands I have worked with over the years...

    This is what I promise once we begin working together

    • More traffic: Want traffic to your blog? It’s more than just keyword research.
    • More leads/high CTR: With a few tweaks, this should be fixed.
    • Save you time: I have a couple of content planning templates that we can use to plan 360-Days’ worth of content for your blog.
    • Consistency: I can use planning tools to help us know exactly which content to create and when to do it. Let’s 4x your content creation process!
    • Refine your content marketing goals: I will help you get this on point and come up with laser-focused goals that are easier to achieve.
    • Competitor analysis and DE positioning: Rather than competing with your competitors and not making waves, how about de-positioning them? 

    Want proof?
    Here are some of my success stories

    In short, this is what I did...

    1. Big Marv: Created website content and Improved their content production from 2 to 3 blog posts per month to 30 blog posts per month. I also worked on turning those blog posts into short SMM posts for a whole month.
    2. Utilize Your Business: This is an niche affiliate site. I worked on planning their content, developed content marketing goals, optimizing content for search, and created more easy-to-understand content every month. With consistency and goal setting, traffic grew to 20,000 every month. Affiliate sales grew to about $50k every month.  
    3. Key PPC: This is a PPC firm that specializes in setting up PPC adverts for e-com stores. They needed to rank for a couple of keywords and also have resourceful content on their blog. If you check their blog, you can find a ton of highly-resourceful posts and how-to articles. Traffic also grew to about 16,000 visits per month.  
    4. Folkex: This is a digital marketing firm in Israel. They wanted a resourceful blog, brand recognition and authority. I created a content plan, optimized their content for search, and improved their traffic and leads to about 14 qualified leads per day. 
    5. INC Management Group: Nicole owns and operates this company. They wanted a resourceful blog that brings out their expertise in virtual administration and managing small businesses. I ended up creating at least 10 highly-valuable posts every month for them. I also created 30 SMM posts from those blogs every month. That increased their media presence, improved leads by up to 40 clients every month, and boosted traffic by about 30%. 
    6. Nice Very Nice: This is a template selling site. Their main target was SEO customers. They had a lot of competition from already established sites such as Canva. But with simple consistent SEO efforts, I was able to improve their organic traffic to about 2,000 quality visits per day. 
    7. Video Renegade: Their main issue was the high cart abandonment rates. I worked on creating several cart-abandonment emails for them. The end result was the rates reduced to 53%. The emails just presented them a discount code, a downsell, or a cross sell that compelled them to go back to the site and purchase their video download software

    …there are many other sites that I handled and improved them for the better. I can do the same to yours. 


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      The ball is in your court...

      If you have read to this far, then it means you are willing to work with me. Well, I’m willing, too. So, why not fill out the form and let me handle the rest. Don’t worry, I guarantee that you will see results from this. Try it out.  

      I’m will be leveraging years of research, testing, and content writing into making you positive returns from your content marketing efforts.

      What do you say?

      Fill out the form and I will see you on the other side!